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Dr. Stephanie Cave Recommended Vaccine Schedule

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Vaccine Recommendations

  • Do not vaccinate child if he/she:
    • is having fever (even low-grade), or runny nose/ diarrhea/constipation, or any other illness, or still recovering from an infection, or on antibiotics for other reasons. You may postpone vaccination on another day.
    • had any bad reaction or deterioration in health after previous vaccination.
    • had any past history of immune system disorder, severe allergies, convulsions or neurological disorders, vaccine reactions.
  • Always have full information on the vaccine's side effects.
  • Ask the doctor on how to identify a vaccine reaction.
  • Know the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number.
  • Report any side effect to the doctor, NVIC, and VAERS.
  • Always ask for single dose, mercury-free (no thimerosal) vaccines.
  • Ask for separate vials of measles, mumps, and rubella, and give them separately, months apart.

Ask the doctor to check vaccine titers to check for immunity before giving boosters.

If you have to vaccinate, give the following:

  • Vitamin A (cod liver oil) 1 tbsp for three days before and on the day of the shot.
  • Vitamin C 100 mg twice daily for infants and 300mg twice daily for toddlers for three days before and on the day of the shot.
Hepatitis B only if mom is Hepatitis B Positive; otherwise, no vaccine shot.
4 months
Hib, IPV
5 months
6 months
Hib, IPV
7 months
8 months
9 months
15 months
17 months
Hib, IPV
18 months
24 months
Prevnar (1 dose only)
27 months
30 months
4 years
Varicella (if not immune already)
4 - 5 years
Hepatitis B series
4 -5 years
DTaP, IPV boosters
4 -5 years
Test titers for MMR and do not give unless not immune. Immunize only for vaccines found to be negative.

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